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The following spiritual services are provided by qualified Vedic Scholar and priest Shri Raghuram Bhattar.


Schedule of fee for Spiritual Services provided by Vedic Priest either at Temple or at your residence.
Service Temple Premises Outside temple
Car Pooja $25
Aksharabyasam $101 $151
Hair Offering $101 $151
Namakaranam $101 $151
Annaprasanam $101 $151
Homam or Havan $251 $251
Grahapravesam N/A $251
Rudrabhishekam N/A $201
Sathyanarayana Puja N/A $201
Sai Satyavrata Katha N/A $201
Seemantham (Baby Shower) $201
Engagement $201
Shashtiaptha Poorthi $251
Wedding $501 $751


Priest will be able to provide other services like Upnayanam which are not listed above. Contact us for further details.


For any spiritual service please fill out the request form below with the details about the Puja, desired date, time, phone and location information in the message.


To request Services from the respective priest, please fill out the contact forms at the links below.


Shri Raghuram Bhattar


Shri Pradeep Sharma 

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