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Study of Bhagvad Gita - Chapter 15


Chapter 15 Purushottam Yog

We have completed 14 chapters.  In this 15 chapter Bhagvan gives the summary of not only of Bhagavad Gita but of entire Vedas.  Therefore this chapter itself is called शास्त्र.  At the end of this chapter Bhagvan says इति गुह्यतमं शास्त्रम. Means it is most secret science.  Although the entire Bhagavad Gita is science but this 15th chapter is given special importance.  This chapter is essence of Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita.  If we know this chapter we know everything.  Bhagvan also says one who knows this knows entire vedas. 

It is the shortest, with only twenty verses. It covers four topics: what is the world, who am I, what is God or what transcends the world and me, and what is the relationship between me, the world and God. The chapter first addresses the nature of the world. Our existence in this world is depicted using an upside down tree, similar to a family tree. The root of this tree is Ishvara wielding the power of Prakriti, the saguna brahm, the eternal essence with attributes. Samsaara, our existence on this world, is the outward growth of this tree. This growth is fueled by sense objects.   Each sense object generates desires, which generates actions, which bind us to the branches of the tree. The only way to be out of this endless cycle of desire and action is to cut the tree using the weapon of vairaag. The best way to cultivate vairaag is to go straight to the source of the tree, to take refuge in Ishvara. 

Next, the chapter addresses the state of the jeeva, the individual soul, the “I”. From an absolute standpoint, there is one eternal essence, one consciousness, one self, one “I”.   Only those individuals who have the eye of wisdom, who have assimilated the teaching of the scriptures after purifying themselves with karma and bhakti yoga, recognize the non-divided nature of the self. All others are living in delusion. The third topic, the nature of God or Ishvara, is taken up next. We learn that Ishvara is not some remote figure, but pervades every aspect of the universe. Ishvara provides awareness or the faculty to know. He provides energy through the sun, the moon and fire.  

The fourth topic deals with relationship between the individual, the world, and God. If we mentally remove the apparent limitations, the upaadhis, the names and forms behind the individual, the world and of Ishvara, we find the foremost person, the Purushottama, the pure unadulterated eternal essence. It is beyond the perishable visible world and the imperishable seed of the visible world which is Prakriti. In other words, we learn that the “I” in us is the “I” in everyone, the self of all.

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